THAT S.O.S. FOR US (Teaching Her About Tolerance, Sense Of Self, Friendship, Opportunities, Respect & Unity in Sisterhood) is devoted to empowering young women by helping them unite with one another against harmful vices and develop a strong, positive sense of self.

Our workshops and events focus on helping young women identify their unique beauty and to see the beauty in others. The website includes our event schedule, personal stories of survival, and a pledge against bullying that young women we work with will be asked to sign. Each pledge will be posted so all of our participants will be publicly proclaiming that she is aware of the damage bullying causes and that she is committed to the fight against it.


Congratulations to Savannah and Hailey, the winners of our Best Friends Against Bullying campaign contest. See other contest entries below and on other pages of the site. ALL contestants will be appearing in Pageant Emporium Digest!







*Launching NEW national campaign to be used on the site as well as social media and print ads.

1. Be sure to sign the pledge.

2. Share the site URL: www.thatsosforus.org on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites

3. Turn in a photo that reflects the values of our organization. (See the photos posted for ideas).

Several photos will be selected to be printed in our new ads and web campaigns. By submitting photos, you are agreeing to allow our organization to use your image for promotional materials.



The national campain message for THATSOSFORUS.ORG

appeared in 4 issues of Pageant Emporium Digest.




October of 2010

Visit the Miss Model Beauty of Southeast Idaho website to view information about our debut event.

- Pageant Emporium Spirit Award winners: Brittany G. & Ashley T.


March 2011

Campaign promotion - Las Vegas NV

Pageant Emporium Digest - Program Spotlight

June 2011

Ultimate Stars Spirit Award Sponsorship - Essay Contest

Mini Event - Friendship, Anti-bullying Photo Contest

March 2012

Campaign promotion - Las Vegas NV

Pageant Emporium Digest - Program Spotlight

March 2013 -

Facebook campaign

May 2014-

Mini Event - Friendship, Anti-bullying Photo Contest

May 2015-

Campaign promotion - Casa Grande, AZ

Pageant Emporium Digest - Program Spotlight

June 2016-

Put Your Best Foot Forward campaign

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